How to fight cellulite in “do it yourself” mode?

    In some previous articles, we have already seen that to combat cellulite and localized fat deposits, it is important to implement a mix of multi-factor strategies that can help us reduce its progress, improving the blemishes.

    A mix of physical activity, healthy eating, and good habits are undoubtedly useful levers to achieve this goal.

    Physical activity helps tone and strengthen muscles, improving blood circulation and the expulsion of toxins: in this regard, we suggest cardio work with a mix of toning exercises. Good examples of training protocols could be EMOM or HIIT: both achievable in a few minutes (15-20 minutes of work followed by a stretching phase) or, again, the GAG exercises (legs – abdomen – buttocks ) which help to firm up the parts most affected (in us women) by cellulite and localized adiposity.

    At the table, a healthy diet, rich in antioxidants (therefore green light for seasonal fruit and vegetables) and low in sodium (remember that it is not only the amount added for seasoning or cooking that should be considered but is present in many foods and industrial preparations such as snacks, sausages, processed meats, crackers, etc.) is certainly beneficial and allows us to maintain a normal weight (excess kilos represent one of the primary risk factors for the onset of cellulite and adiposity).

    As far as healthy habits are concerned, we recommend not wearing too tight clothing and high heels for many hours a day: they could hinder circulation, favoring the stagnation of liquids.

    Let’s avoid smoking and drinking spirits or carbonated and sugary drinks: instead, we prefer hot or cold herbal teas, smoothies, and fruit extracts.

    Thermographic analysis with liquid crystals

    In addition to implementing all these precautions, it is certainly useful to always act in a preventive perspective, keeping the solution monitored periodically to be able to act at the very first signs of appearance: for this reason, IPS, an Italian company based in the outskirts of Milan, has created and patented a special technology called “contact thermography” which allows you to carry out a detailed analysis of the situation in a painless and non-invasive way.

    We are talking about a technology based on the use of microencapsulated liquid crystal plates capable of detecting even the slightest variation in body temperature: in this way, by simply placing them on the area to be analyzed, it will be possible to have a high-resolution color image, reflecting the condition of the underlying tissues.

    The operator will then determine the cellulite stage (oedematous, fibrous, or sclerotic) and distinguish soft from hardened fat deposits. Thanks to its very high sensitivity, it is possible to detect its presence even when it is still invisible to the naked eye or palpable.

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