Pioneers of Microencapsulation

    We are an Italian company founded in 1976, specialized in microencapsulation, a process that allows for the protection of infinitesimal parts of liquids or solids within an extremely thin membrane.

    We apply this technology to develop innovative products and solutions, tailoring our offering to the specific needs of each customer. We provide a high-quality, attentive, and fast service aimed at fully satisfying the expectations of our buyers.

    We rely on the collaboration of highly qualified personnel and pay special attention to Research and Development to consistently deliver advanced solutions and excellent quality products.


    Contact thermography, a patented technology, is based on the use of liquid crystal plates that have the property of changing color with temperature variations.

    By placing these plates on the body, it is possible to detect skin temperature (which reflects what happens in the underlying tissues) and therefore highlight, through color images, the presence or absence of typical signs of cellulite and the type of adiposity in various parts of the body.


    We create innovative promotional items.

    Are you tired of the same old company gadgets like pens, bags, mugs, etc.?

    Discover our products to promote your company through efficient and exciting marketing campaigns. They evoke emotions in the recipients through scents, interaction, and usefulness.


    We specialize in microencapsulation and apply this technology to develop innovative products and solutions in the food and nutraceutical field. We shape our offerings to meet the specific needs of each client, providing a high-quality, attentive, and fast service.

    Microencapsulation through coacervation is applied in a wide range of sectors. The FlowActives® microcapsules provide proven benefits in the formulation of dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.


    IPS, for over 45 years, has been manufacturing microencapsulated liquid crystal industrial thermometers suitable for numerous applications such as temperature indicators for household refrigerators, thermometers for baby bottles, thermometers for bath tubs, temperature indicators for heating collectors and floor heating systems, and much more.

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    For over 45 years, we have been producing and distributing CE-certified fever thermometers for adults and children through the process of microencapsulation. We also provide articles for pets and products for the gardening sector, catering to retailers, distributors, wholesalers in the pharmacy channel, supermarkets, stores for infants, DIY and gardening, pet food and pet care, as well as perfumeries.

    Some of our clients in Italy and around the world