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    Localized adiposity, as you well know, is a problem that affects many people and manifests itself with a characteristic accumulation of fat in specific parts of the body such as the hips, abdomen, buttocks, and calves: its causes can be multiple and, often, include age, genetic factors, hormonal factors, wrong eating habits, and sedentary lifestyle.

    Cellulite is often associated with many false beliefs that are struggling to disappear from popular creed: to understand what is true, and what is not, we must first of all start by clarifying what cellulite is, i.e. a disease affecting adipose tissue, the circulatory system, and the skin, which can affect both men and women.

    As we all know, lifestyle, nutrition, and physical activity are 3 fundamental pillars to prevent and fight cellulite: it is necessary to decrease fat mass and increase lean mass, tone the body, maintain an active metabolism, and improve circulation. Depending on the level of physical preparation...