False beliefs about cellulite

    Cellulite is often associated with many false beliefs that are struggling to disappear from popular creed: to understand what is true, and what is not, we must first of all start by clarifying what cellulite is, i.e. a disease affecting adipose tissue, the circulatory system, and the skin, which can affect both men and women.

    Its causes can be of a genetic and hormonal-vascular nature, while poor diet and excessive sedentary lifestyle are factors that do not facilitate the situation.

    But what are these false beliefs about cellulite?

    • Drinking a lot helps to eliminate cellulite: this is only partially true because drinking lots of water is useful for our body, but it is not enough, as it must also be associated with low consumption of salt, a correct diet, and a healthy lifestyle full of physical activity.
    • Creams are not useful: the combined action of massages and creams can help, especially when high-quality products are used; however, as with the previous point, everything must always be supported by regular motor activity and proper nutrition.
    • The genetic factor is one of the causes of the formation of cellulite: genetics certainly contributes but it is certainly not the only cause.

    After debunking these false myths, we can take action: the first thing to do to fight cellulite is to understand how serious the problem is and then opt for the best aesthetic treatment or aesthetic doctor. Hand in hand with medical and aesthetic technology, the analysis part has also evolved which, thanks to contact thermography, has made it possible to better examine and classify these problems.

    The thermographic analysis of cellulite, through the use of special microencapsulated liquid crystal plates, allows for a high-definition color image capable of showing the situation of the underlying tissues: in this way, it is possible to distinguish the soft fat from hardened fat, as well as being able to classify cellulite in one of its stages (oedematous, fibrous or sclerotic).

    Given its very high sensitivity, it is also possible to move in a preventive perspective (limiting costs and treatment times) as the system can show the very first accumulations when they are not yet visible to the naked eye or palpable.

    Contact thermography is a contraindicated, non-invasive analysis that can be performed by anyone in an easy, fast and comfortable way: thanks to these characteristics, it can be repeated several times over time, to monitor the actual progress of each treatment.

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