What can we do at home to eliminate cellulite on the thighs and buttocks?

    Dealing with cellulite and localized adiposity that, over the years, lurk on the hips and thighs is often a problem… especially as we head into spring and wear other kind of clothes.

    We are talking about two disorders that afflict most women and, in the case of cellulite, we can talk about a real pathology that affects subcutaneous tissues with nodules, stagnation of fluids and fat deposits: a real degenerative process that removes elasticity to the skin favouring the appearance of the well-known “orange peel” skin effect.

    There are three types of cellulite, which can be defined on the basis of their severity:

    • oedematous
    • fibrous
    • sclerotic

    But how can we identify our condition and intervene right away?

    First of all it is necessary to start from a correct analysis that will allow us to classify the stage of cellulite and then decide the specialist and the most suitable treatment for our case : in order to do this, we can use contact thermography, a technology able to detect, in a few seconds, the situation of the underlying tissues highlighting nodules and stagnations even when not visible to the naked eye or found at palpation.

    The thermographic analysis of cellulite is based on the use of thermographic plates with liquid crystals that we put on the area to be analysed: a fast and easy examination without any kind of contraindication that, as a matter of fact, can be repeated several times during the treatment process in order to adequately monitor all progress.

    Once the condition has been established, we can set up some precautions that will help us to make the aesthetic and cosmetic treatments successful. Here are some advice.

    First of all, let’s begin with hydration: our body is composed mainly of water, hence drinking regularly is fundamental. Do not forget to take at least 1.5/2L  of water per day. If you struggle, you can opt for herbal teas or detox waters with draining and carminative properties.

    As far as nutrition is concerned, let’s avoid salt (a real enemy of cellulite as it promotes water retention) and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables (in addition to being foods rich in antioxidants, they also help us in terms of hydration). Opt for whole foods instead of refined ones, trying to avoid all sausages and packaged products (often rich in sodium).

    Try to walk at least half an hour a day: it may seem trivial but the movement helps and promotes health and well-being. For example, you should try to go to work on foot instead of by car (when possible) or go for a nice walk in the open air (especially as the days get longer and the temperature rises).

    It is important to use a good thermogenic cream that will help stimulate the treated areas : let’s apply it with a circular massage that will allow a greater absorption of the active ingredients and a greater effectiveness of the treatment.

    Last but not least, we pay particular attention to the shoes worn during the day: avoid high heels and very tight clothes for several hours a day. If you just can’t help it, try to take them off several times during the day, to allow your legs to rest.

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