What are the most effective cellulite treatments?

    Cellulite is a real enemy of women: just think that it affects most of us, regardless of age.

    It manifests itself with the characteristic imperfection of orange peel skin and its treatment always requires a multidisciplinary approach that includes both a change in diet and lifestyle and real cosmetic, aesthetic or medical aesthetic treatments.

    Contrarily to what one might think, cellulite is not related to overweight: it often happens, in fact, that normal-weight women manifest the imperfection or they are affected without having visible or tangible symptoms.

    For this reason, and for proper prevention, we recommend periodically carrying out a thermographic analysis of cellulite: an examination that allows you to see, in a few seconds and in a totally non-invasive way, the real condition of cellulite in order to classify it in one of its three stages (edematous, fibrous, sclerotic).

    Contact thermography is a special technology that is based on the use of microencapsulated liquid crystal plates capable of detecting thermal changes in the dermis, allowing the situation of subcutaneous tissues to be identified even when not yet visible as we said earlier.

    It is a totally free of contraindications exam and can be performed by anyone; it can be found in the best nutritional offices or in beauty / medical beauty centers.

    Once the stage of cellulite has been identified, the professional can recommend the most suitable treatment for our condition. Today we wish to talk to you about those that, in our opinion, are among the most effective:

    Radiofrequency: based on the application of a probe that emits electromagnetic waves, it heats the adipose tissues by quickly moving the water molecules inside them until they explode, thus helping to reduce the accumulated fat and tone the tissues.

    Cryolipolysis: also called non-surgical liposuction, it exploits the principle of freezing that leads to cell apoptosis, that is, it kills the fat cells which, over the days, are expelled from our lymphatic system. It is based on a handpiece which, after generating a vacuum effect, cools the area to be treated to temperatures close to zero.

    Carboxytherapy: an aesthetic medicine treatment based on micro injections of carbon dioxide in the areas most affected by cellulite: in this way the skin will be toned, improving circulation and contributing to the reduction of blemishes.

    Laser: a technological treatment that allows you to perform non-invasive lipolysis through the use of a special laser beam that dissolves fat deposits in a few minutes, toning the tissues and making the skin more elastic.

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