The lipoemulsion against localized adiposity

    Localized fat deposits are nothing more than accumulations of fat concentrated in specific parts of the body; in other words, when we use the term “localized adiposity” we describe the presence of a tissue that is particularly rich in fat cells compared to other areas of the body. On the contrary, the term “generalized adiposity” refers to a homogeneous distribution of body fat.

    The formation of these imperfections is given by a multiplicity of factors, namely:

    • age,
    • genetic factors,
    • hormonal factors,
    • percentage of body fat,
    • gender,
    • incorrect eating habits,
    • type of sport that is practiced.


    How to eliminate localized fat with lipoemulsion

    Alongside targeted interventions, which can work real miracles and improve the appearance of your body, it is good to always intervene with a diet aimed at weight loss and healthy physical activity, improving your lifestyle.

    To eliminate subcutaneous accumulation, you can then resort to a lipoemulsion intervention, a minimally invasive solution that allows you to reduce the volume of the affected parts through the use of a cavitational effect cannula that emits ultrasound multi-frequencies capable of dissolving, literally, the accumulated fat.

    Before proceeding with this, and with any other aesthetic or medical aesthetic treatment, it is important to carry out a careful analysis of adiposity using contact thermography, a simple and painless examination that allows to localize and classify the adipose tissue present in the underlying layers.

    This examination is based on the use of special liquid crystal thermographic plates which, once applied to the area to be analyzed, show in a few seconds a high-resolution color image depicting the underlying condition: this allows the therapist to indicate the best aesthetic or medical treatment and to keep track, session after session, of the progress of our path.

    Furthermore, contact thermography is an excellent preventive tool since it allows detection of these accumulations even when still not visible to the naked eye: in this way, it will be possible to act promptly by regulating diet and lifestyle, avoiding accumulations much more difficult to eliminate.

    This examination can also be performed to detect the condition of cellulite and, as for visceral fat, it is possible to detect it early when still not palpable or visible to the naked eye.

    Contact thermography is available from the best nutritionists, doctors’ offices, or selected beauty centers.

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