New carboxytherapy: the evolution of anti-cellulite treatment

    Carboxytherapy is an “old” treatment that, despite its age (it was born in the 30s in France, initially to counteract vascular disorders) is still current and one of the most effective treatment in reducing cellulite imperfections.

    Its success and technique have been improved over the years up to the present day with an effective and safe treatment methodology.

    But what is carboxytherapy?

    It is an aesthetic medical treatment that consists of injecting carbon dioxide, in gaseous form, in the subcutaneous tissue of the areas affected by cellulite and localized adiposity: in this way, it generates the dilation of capillary vessels (increasing the blood flow of the microcirculation) and lipolitics actions towards fat accumulations that separate the triglycerides allowing the release of free fat acids and glycerol (which will then be disposed of through our lymphatic system).

    The treatment takes place by means of micro-needles that will inject sterile carbon dioxide into the subcutaneous tissue, all by manual action of the doctor.

    The technical evolution, however, has allowed to create a new machine able to better manage – through special handpieces – the application of the treatment. The flow of carbon dioxide is electronically regulated and the application is more effective and much less painful for the patient.

    Usually it takes about ten sessions to obtain the desired results, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis but, before you submit to treatment, we recommend carrying out a preventive analysis able to establish the exact condition of your cellulite, so you can evaluate whether carboxytherapy is the most suitable treatment for your situation or not.

    This examination can be carried out by contact thermography, a special technology entirely made in Italy based on the use of thermographic liquid crystal plates able to detect and classify cellulite in one of its 4 stages (absent, oedematous, fibrous, sclerotic).

    Its use is totally free of pain and of contraindications, two characteristics that make contact thermography suitable for anyone; the examination lasts a few seconds and can be repeated after each carboxytherapy session in order to follow, in details, all the progress of the treatments.

    It is possible to carry out this analysis in the best aesthetic centers, aesthetic doctors or in the best nutritionists ’offices.

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