Intralipotherapy: the painless treatment against localized adiposity.

    When we are overweight, it can be relatively easy to lose weight by paying attention to nutrition and lifestyle in general, better if supported by a nutritionist who can follow us during this phase.

    Much more difficult, however, to eliminate the visceral fat that has deposited over the years in targeted areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks: often, in fact, a healthy diet may not be enough to solve this annoying problem which is both aesthetic and functional (represents the main risk factor for cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes).

    The first step in deciding the most suitable treatment for our condition is certainly to make a correct analysis of the adipose tissue by means of thermographic analysis: a technology entirely Made in Italy able to identify the layers of subcutaneous fat to distinguish the soft adiposity from that hardened.

    Contact thermography is a completely painless method of analysis, easy to carry out and free of any type of side effect, which is why it can be repeated several times, over time, to keep track of progress.

    It is based on the use of thermographic plates to be placed on the area to be analyzed: in a few seconds it will be possible to have a high-resolution color image of the subcutaneous composition, also identifying areas that cannot be found with the naked eye or palpation.

    Today we would like to talk about a very effective treatment in case of localized adiposity: intralipotherapy, a practice of aesthetic medicine that can help us to definitively solve the problem: it is a non-surgical and non-invasive practice that is performed without anesthesia being painless.

    Intralipotherapy involves the injection of some drugs specifically designed for this type of treatment that will act by creating a cellular apoptosis reaction (death of fat cells which will then be expelled from our lymphatic system).

    The treatment, depending on the severity of the existing condition, involves a variable number of sessions: usually from 4 to 6, on a monthly basis.

    Intralipotherapy is a modern and safe practice that allows you to immediately return to normal activities without presenting particular contraindications. In any case, the preliminary assessment of the feasibility is always up to the aesthetic doctor who will then have to perform the treatment.

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