How long does an anti-cellulite treatment last?

    In our previous articles, we have extensively talked about cellulite and the best cosmetic, aesthetic and medical aesthetic treatments that we can follow to treat it.

    After all, edemato-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy (or, more commonly, cellulite) is a problem characterized by an annoying orange peel skin blemish that affects over 80% of women, creating strong physical and psychological discomfort to people affected.

    We know that the first step to treat it is to start from a correct analysis that we can carry out in an aesthetic center, or a medical aesthetic or nutritional center equipped with contact thermography, a special technology created and patented by IPS S.r.l. which allows you to identify and classify cellulite in one of its stages (oedematous, fibrous, sclerotic).

    Cellulite analysis takes place in an easy and non-invasive way, simply by placing a thermographic plate on the area to be checked: in a few moments the system will show a high-resolution color image, reflecting the composition of the underlying tissues.

    In this way it will be easy for the operator to understand both the type of cellulite to be treated and the severity of the case so as to be able to propose the most effective specific treatment for our body, as well as the number of sessions (treatment cycles) necessary to obtain lasting and satisfying results.

    In general, each session and each treatment brings benefits but, in a condition of medium cellulite (for example fibrous), we can expect excellent and lasting results with at least 8-10 appointments, depending on the type of treatment practiced.

    The number of sessions also depends on how much, through lifestyle and nutrition, it is possible to help the physiological process of detoxification of the body, the reactivation of the muscles and the elimination of water retention.

    In any case, thanks to the total absence of contraindications and the easy repeatability of the thermographic examination, it is possible to carry out an analysis after each treatment to get a clear and tangible idea of ​​the results achieved, application after application.

    There are also cases, however, in which less sessions are sufficient: for example when acting in a preventive perspective; Here too, contact thermography can be a great help allowing the first traces of cellulite to be detected even when not yet visible to the naked eye or detectable by palpation.

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