Goodbye cellulite with the new FMS technology

    As we have seen in previous articles, the world of professional aesthetics, aesthetic medicine and technology are making great progresses, all together, in the creation of new cellulite treatments that are increasingly safe, effective and non-invasive.

    After all, cellulite is a problem that affects most women, characterized by an annoying orange peel skin blemish which, in the most rooted cases, can also cause pain in the affected areas.

    Today, however, we have one more ally: FMS technology (acronym for Focused Magnetic Stimulation) which, through stimulation using magnetic field, reduces adiposity and, at the same time, strengthens muscles with stimulation.

    We are talking about a non-invasive treatment (during the application there is only a sensation of muscle contraction) that allows you to immediately return to normal daily activities without bad effects (you can only feel a sensation of muscle fatigue in the treated areas, as normally happens after a training session).

    The sessions have an average duration of about 30 minutes, depending on the area to be treated and, normally, the cycle includes 8-10 treatments to be performed twice a week.

    For obvious reasons, people with metal prostheses and pacemakers cannot undergo the treatment and all metal accessories must be removed from the body. In any case, we always recommend to ask your doctor before submit yourself to any type of treatment.

    To maximize effectiveness and to keep track of progress, we recommend to opt for a beauty center equipped with contact thermography, a particular technology (entirely Made in Italy) that allows you to analyze and classify the condition of cellulite.

    Through the application of a liquid crystal plate, on the area to be analyzed, the system will show a color image that will reflect any problems of subcutaneous microcirculation and that will allow to identify the stage of cellulite (oedematous, fibrous, sclerotic) and the possible presence of nodules.

    We are talking about an extremely sensitive technology able to detect the very first stages when still not visible to the naked eye or detectable on palpation.

    Given its total absence of contraindications, contact thermography is perfect to be repeated after each treatment, giving us the opportunity to see the real effectiveness on our body.

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