Fighting cellulite effectively starting from a correct diagnosis

    Diet, sport and a healthy lifestyle are the pillars to eliminate cellulite. Many people also combine a healthy diet and an active life with many natural remedies such as herbal teas based on fennel, red vine, birch, dandelion, centella and bilberry. Lymphatic drainage massages performed by specialists can also help by acting on the lymphatic circulation – which when slowed down causes stagnation of liquids and swelling – and rehabilitate it through manipulation.

    In recent years, aesthetic medicine and cosmetic research have made great strides, finding innovative and safe remedies that are highly effective to combat skin blemishes linked to cellulite.

    Correct diagnosis of cellulite

    What is increasingly highlighted as a decisive factor in the elimination of cellulite is the correct diagnosis. Any anti-cellulite treatment, of whatever type (cosmetic, aesthetic or medical), must always start from a correct analysis: it is easy, especially for non-professionals, to confuse the imperfection with simple water retention or skin laxity; for this, we can count on contact thermography – IPS s.r.l. has patented a totally Made in Italy product – a special analysis capable of identifying the presence and stage of localized cellulite and adiposity.

    Its operating principle is based on the use of high-resolution liquid crystal plates, which placed on the area to be analysed show its subcutaneous composition, allowing to identify the presence of nodules, stasis and water retention: a quick and suitable test for everybody since it does not present any type of side effect or invasiveness.

    After having correctly identified the condition of cellulite, it is possible to undergo a cryophoration treatment that uses low temperatures in combination with special cryocosmetics: in this way it will be possible to combat the imperfection in the classic areas of accumulation such as hips, buttocks and thighs.

    Cryocosmetics allow infiltration without the use of needles and give to the skin vigour and firmness through a pleasant cold massage made with the aid of a special handpiece.

    Once the active ingredients have penetrated deeply, they will begin their real work by acting on the tissues affected by cellulite, restoring elasticity and compactness.

    The cryoporation treatment has an average duration of 30 minutes but its duration can vary according to the size of the area to be treated and the condition of the tissues: don’t worry, your trusted beautician will know how to best set the treatment on the basis of your specific condition.

    Once the session is over, you may notice some slight redness in the treated areas but you will be able to return immediately to your normal daily activities.

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