Fight against cellulite in just a month with new laser shock treatments

    Cellulite, as we know, is a difficult enemy to fight even if, in recent years, progress but also cosmetics and medical aesthetic researches have made real strides forward by proposing technological innovations that can best counteract this pathology.

    Oedematous-fibrous-sclerous dermopanniculosis, or more banally “cellulite”, is a multifactorial disorder characterized by an annoying imperfection of orange peel skin that often affects – not only physically but also psychologically.

    As with any disorder, the sooner you can intervene, the more chances you have of achieving excellent results without resorting to expensive and invasive treatments. If we could even prevent, it would be even better. Unfortunately, however, it is not easy to do so, as when we see the first signs on our body… it means it is too late and cellulite has already formed in the underlying tissues.

    IPS, however, has developed a revolutionary product able to analyse and classify cellulite even when not visible to the naked eye or detectable at palpation: we are talking about contact thermography, a special technology based on the use of liquid crystal plates to put on the area to be analysed. An easy, fast, non-invasive examination and totally free of contraindications that, in a few seconds, allows you to view a color image, high resolution, that reflects the condition of the underlying tissues.

    In this way it will be possible to classify the condition of cellulite and decide on the best treatment to which we can submit such as, for example, a new laser treatment that allows you to dissolve fat accumulations in a few minutes, toning the tissues and making the skin more elastic.

    We are talking about an FDA approved treatment, that can perform non-invasive lipolysis, an action similar to that of liposuction but without the negative aspects such as post surgery, anaesthesia, scars or post-operative bruises.

    The results are visible from a few hours after the first session, but improvements will continue for at least 30-40 days thanks to the physiological process of elimination of slag produced through the kidneys. In any case, it is advisable to carry out a second one to perfect and consolidate what has been achieved by the first treatment.

    The sessions last 25-40 minutes, depending on the width of the area to be treated and the eliminated adipocytes no longer form: this allows to maintain stable results over the years, obviously when combined with proper nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.

    Anesthesia or sedation is not required and you can return to perform all normal activities right away. During the session, however, it is possible to feel a feeling of warmth or mild discomfort in the treated areas: nothing invasive or particularly painful.

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