Endolipolysis: non-surgical liposuction against abdominal fat

    Abdominal adiposity is an aesthetic and functional problem, which affects a large section of the population.

    It manifests itself as a visceral adipose accumulation that is very difficult to eliminate, especially if rooted over the years: in addition to being unsightly, it represents a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes and degenerative diseases.

    Usually, the first approach must always be aimed at changing the diet and lifestyle, always to be done together with your trusted nutritionist: it is always better to avoid doing it yourself when it comes to our health.

    Sometimes, however, it may not be enough, especially if the analysis of abdominal adiposity results in large concentrations of visceral fat. This examination is carried out by contact thermography, a special technology capable of showing, through a liquid crystal thermographic plate, the real condition of the underlying tissues, highlighting the condition of adiposity. Contact thermography therefore makes it possible to distinguish soft adiposity from hardened adiposity in order to set the best and most effective treatment.

    This allows a double advantage: being able to act in a preventive perspective (when the blemish has not yet occurred) and being able to monitor the progress of the diet and aesthetic or medical aesthetic treatments to which we will undergo.

    One of these is endolipolysis, an aesthetic medicine treatment that causes the dissolving of adipose accumulations through subcutaneous infiltrations. This methodology came after years of study and research, all Italian, aimed at offering a result comparable to that of cosmetic surgery but without all the possible risks and invasiveness of surgery.

    Generally, the results are appreciable immediately but the maximum is obtained after 4-6 infiltrative sessions, depending on the area and the starting condition. Micro-needles are used for the injections that guarantee an almost completely painless treatment: you can feel only a slight tingling, easily bearable, at the time of injection. The mixture of active substances will do the rest, that is to dissolve the adipose tissue which will then be expelled from our body.

    The particular non-invasiveness of contact thermography, and its repeatability as it is free of any type of contraindication, allow the examination to be repeated periodically to detect any slightest variation in the underlying abdominal adiposity. In addition, contact thermography allows to distinguish soft from hardened adiposity in order to set the best and most effective treatment.

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