The new triple action laser against cellulite

    Today we want to talk to you about a new technology that promises excellent results in the treatment of cellulite imperfections: a problem that affects over 80% of women of any age.

    It is a multifactorial disorder characterized by the unsightly orange peel skin that, in addition to highlighting a circulatory problem, can create strong psychological discomfort to those affected by it.

    Given that each cellulite treatment must always start from its correct identification and classification, we explain the operation of the new triple action laser: a painless methodology, suitable for any type of skin.

    This machine works through three mechanisms:

    • a localised cooling system;
    • a rhythmic suction massage,
    • deep laser stimulation.

    These three combined actions act by interrupting the evolution of the pathology towards conditions that are then irreversible: cooling immediately reduces edema and swelling, in addition to reducing compression on the small underlying blood vessels, the massage stimulates the connective tissue, adjuvant the production of collagen and the reconstitution of subcutaneous muscle cells giving tone and elasticity to the skin; finally, the laser component improves the functionality of the microcirculation by acting in depth and favoring the oxygenation of skin and muscle tissues.

    This reduces imperfections and results in a reshaping of the treated areas.

    The sessions vary between 30 and 40 minutes and the results can be found from the first session, especially by doing a specific analysis of cellulite by contact thermography, a special technology able to identify and classify the condition of cellulite in one of its four stages: absent, edematous, fibrous, sclerotic.

    The thermographic analysis is based on the use of liquid crystal plates that, once resting on the skin in the area to be analyzed, show in a few moments, and through high-resolution color image, the real condition of the underlying tissues allowing to detect the presence and stage of cellulite even when not visible to the naked eye or detectable at palpation. Therefore, it is not only useful before deciding on the type of treatment to which to submit , but it’s also a valuable help to keep track of every little improvement.

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