Mesotherapy and cryoliposis to fight abdominal fat

    By localized adiposity, as we have seen in our articles, we mean the fat deposited in particular areas of the body. Localized adiposity varies according to the patient’s sex, age and lifestyle.

    In men, for example, fat is usually deposited in the abdominal area, in women, on the other hand, on the thighs and glutes.

    Currently, aesthetic medicine offers many treatments, the most effective and safe are Cryolipolysis and Mesotherapy

    Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive and non-surgical technique that leads to lowering the temperature of the fat cells by activating a process of elimination of the cells themselves. The advantages are the non-invasiveness of the treatment and the results are usually visible already after the first session.

    Mesotherapy is an injection technique, used for aesthetic purposes, which favours the elimination of excess fluids by improving the tone of the body and the elasticity of the skin. The technique involves the intradermal inoculation of specific drugs or actives in the area involved in the treatment. Satisfactory results are obtained after about 8-10 sessions.

    Each treatment, however, must always be accompanied by a change in eating habits and lifestyle, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the chosen therapeutic approach.

    In order to establish the initial condition and correctly choose the most suitable treatment, it is essential to carry out a targeted analysis that can give us a certain indication of the situation of the underlying tissues: The best method to analyze localized adiposity (and cellulite) is contact thermography, a technology – made in Italy – designed and innovated by IPS – based on the use of liquid crystal thermographic plates which, once placed on the area to be analyzed, accurately reflect the situation through high resolution color images of the underlying tissues, thus allowing to distinguish between soft adiposities and hardened adiposities or to classify the condition of cellulite in one of its stages (edematous, fibrous or sclerotic).

    Once the analysis has been carried out, always choose a quality aesthetic or medical-aesthetic center, equipped with cutting-edge machinery and specialized staff: in this way you will be sure to be in proper hands but, above all, to definitively solve the problem.

    Contact thermography is a non-invasive, repeatable and free of any type of contraindication analysis: all elements that make it perfect for tracking the progress of each treatment, periodically monitoring its evolution.

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