Inverted polarity radiofrequency: the definitive treatment of localized adiposity

    Today we want to talk to you about a new innovative, technological and non-invasive treatment, able to effectively act on localized adiposity in a totally painless way and with visible results from the first session.

    It is a technology imported from the USA and approved by the Food and Drug Administration that manages to eliminate localized adiposity without resorting to surgery and without the use of local anesthetics. Based on the use of an alternating polarity radiofrequency that acts on the membrane of fat cells, concentrating the heat on the panniculus in order to make it collapse and release fatty acids (which will then be eliminated by our lymphatic system).

    The alternating polarity radiofrequency is applicable to all areas where there is a tendency to have fatty deposits such as abdomen, hips, arms, thighs, calves and buttocks and can be used by both women and men.

    Think that from the first session it is possible to see a clear improvement in the condition but, to be sure, we recommend that you carry out a thermographic analysis of localized adiposity both before and after the treatment. Through this examination, in fact, it is possible to detect the condition of the subcutaneous tissue by identifying the areas of soft adiposity, distinguishing them from those of hardened adiposity: in this way, our beautician or trusted doctor will be able to set the treatment in the most effective way. possible.

    Being an analysis completely free of contraindications, it is suitable for anyone and can be easily performed both before and after each treatment.

    It is based on the use of high-resolution liquid crystal thermographic plates that are simply placed on the area to be analyzed: in a few seconds it will be possible to view the condition of the underlying tissues and then rely on the skilled hands of our beautician or trusted doctor.

    The alternating polarity radiofrequency treatment is not indicated in case of metal prostheses, pacemakers or pregnant women and is not recommended during the first days of the menstrual cycle.

    Usually 3-4 applications of about 30 minutes are needed but, depending on the condition, both the number and the duration can vary. During the treatment there is only a pleasant sensation of heat, absolutely not painful or annoying, and it is possible to return immediately to normal daily activities.

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