Footwear and cellulite: what is the correlation?

    Cellulite, also known as its technical name edematous-fibro-sclerotic panniculopathy, is a disorder that affects most women and affects the subcutaneous adipose tissue.


    It is both a functional and aesthetic problem since its distinctive note is the classic orange peel skin appearance present in those suffering from this disorder.


    As we know, nutrition and lifestyle play a primary role in its formation and its appearance derives from a series of factors that contribute to the origin of the problem, favoring the onset of edema and inflammation.


    What few people know is that there is also a correlation with the type of the used footwear: wearing very narrow shoes or with particularly high heels for a long time can lead to compromising the venous and lymphatic return, from the limbs to the heart, with consequent stasis of blood fluids.


    The use of this type of footwear (especially heels over 6 centimeters in height), in addition to being able to compromise posture, favors the stagnation of blood and lymphatic fluids, contributing to the appearance or aggravation of the condition of cellulite.


    Often, especially at a younger age, we do not realize the problem because it is not visible to the naked eye or detectable on palpation but intervening in a preventive perspective is certainly the best thing we can do: this is why contact thermography, a special technology, able to analyze and classify the condition of cellulite, can help.


    Contact thermography is based on the use of liquid crystal thermographic plates which, once placed on the skin in the area to be analyzed, reflect the condition of the underlying tissues by means of a high-resolution color image, detecting the presence of water retention, nodules and stagnation.


    Contact thermography is able to detect the presence of cellulite even when it cannot be seen with the naked eye; moreover, since it is a completely non-invasive analysis and without any kind of contraindication, it can be repeated several times, over time to ensure that the condition does not worsen.


    This technique, is very useful not only for an early analysis but also in the case of dietary or aesthetic treatments to see the real progress.


    It can be found in the best nutritional offices, beauty centers and aesthetic clinics.

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