Industrial Thermometers

    Temperature indicators for domestic use refrigerators

    Temperature indicators for domestic use refrigerators, in compliance with French decree 2002-478, April 3, 2002.

    Pan Handle Thermometer

    A thermometer that indicates the correct temperature of the oil for frying.

    Bath Tub Thermometer

    A thermometer that indicates if the water temperature is ideal, too cold, or too hot for bathing.

    Ice Cream Maker

    Applied to the container to be placed in the freezer, it indicates when the necessary temperature for the proper functioning of the ice cream maker is reached.

    Mixer or Faucet Thermometer

    A thermometer for controlling water temperature and preventing energy waste.

    Fabric Dye Thermometer

    Indicates when the water temperature has reached 80°C to dissolve the dye and allow for even fabric coloring.

    Bovine Semen Thermometer

    Thermometers for monitoring the correct temperature for the execution of artificial insemination in livestock.

    Homebrew Kit Thermometer

    This thermometer allows for monitoring the correct temperature for beer fermentation at home.

    Coffee Maker Thermometer

    A thermometer to be applied to the carafe to see if the coffee is at the right tasting temperature or if it needs to be reheated.

    Bottle Thermometer

    If the thermometer shows the OK symbol, the temperature of the bottle’s content is ideal to avoid scalding.

    Grill or Electric Toaster Thermometer

    This thermometer indicates if the grill has reached the correct temperature to start cooking.

    Underfloor Heating System Thermometer

    A detector with microencapsulated liquid crystals for detecting water leaks in pipes and heating systems without breaking walls or floors.

    Iron Thermometer

    To indicate when, after use, the iron reaches suitable temperatures for storage without the risk of burns or accidental combustion.

    Heating System Collector Thermometer

    Thermometer for stainless steel and brass collectors used in underfloor heating systems and heating plants in residential and industrial structures.

    Anti-Doping Control Thermometer

    A thermometer to be applied to the urine collection container to confirm that the urine sample has just been collected.

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