Do you know cellulite treatment by dermo bionic massage?

    We are not talking about a treatment seen in a science fiction movie… but of the latest one, found in the researches against cellulite imperfections- a multifactorial disorder characterized by the unpleasant imperfection of “orange peel skin”.

    As the word itself evokes, it is a massage on the dermis carried out by a very particular machine, capable of amplifying the draining, reducing and toning techniques of the beautician, combining them with radio frequency and ultrasound technology.

    In this way it is possible to drain excess and stagnation of liquids, tonify the tissues and awaken cellular metabolism: think that dermo bionic massage promises a reduction in localized fat that can reach up to 80%, as well as a decrease in swelling that can reach 60%.

    Each session lasts about 30-35 minutes, depending on the area to be treated and the stage of cellulite. But how can we determine that?

    An expert eye can certainly have a first idea but it is with a precise and reliable analysis tool such as contact thermography that you can perfectly classify the disorder in one of its 4 stages: absent, oedematous, fibrous and sclerotic.

    The thermographic analysis of cellulite involves the use of high-resolution liquid crystal plates. The examination takes place by applying these special plates on the area to be analysed : in a few seconds, the system will reveal the state of subcutaneous blood microcirculation, highlighting any alteration caused by cellulite.

    This has the dual advantage of being able to give certain information to the operator and to demonstrate to the patient, all the progress achieved treatment after treatment. In addition, contact thermography can also be used in preventive optics, since it is able to detect the presence of the very first cellulite signals even when not visible to the naked eye yet or detectable at palpation.

    Given its absolute non-invasiveness, it does not present any type of contraindication and is a repeatable analysis whenever you want to analyse the condition of cellulite.

    It can be found in the best beauty centers, aesthetic doctors, nutritionists or pharmacies.

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