Compressive aesthetic bandages to combat cellulite

    Bandage is one of the most practiced and most requested non-invasive treatments in beauty centers to counteract the imperfections of cellulite (the classic orange peel skin) and improve circulatory problems such as stasis of the veno-lymphatic microcirculation, evident capillaries and water retention.

    As we know, cellulite is a multifactorial disorder that affects most women, regardless of age: for this reason, a correct and early diagnosis of this imperfection is one of the greatest allies to combat it effectively.

    Cellulite, indeed, can remain silent for a long time and not be visible to the naked eye or detectable at palpation, even it is already present and rooted in subcutaneous tissues: for this reason, an analysis by contact thermography allows to identify it before it even manifests itself.

    Thermographic analysis of cellulite is a methodology, scientifically proven, able to analyse and classify the stage of cellulite (absent, oedematous, fibrous, sclerotic) by laying the thermographic plate on the area to be analysed. In a few seconds, in fact, the system will show a color image, in high resolution, which reflects the situation of the underlying tissues allowing the beauty specialist to decide on the most suitable treatment, depending on our real condition.

    One of these is the bandage: a non-invasive treatment based on the use of compressive gauze soaked in functional substances that favours a drainage action, both through the action of gradual compression and through the active ingredients used.

    The bandages must be coiled in a spiral around the treated limb and should be left for at least 30 minutes, then removed. A possible supportive massage can be carried out.

    This treatment brings firming, detoxifying and reducing effects.

    Although it is a non-invasive methodology and free of contraindications, bandage should be avoided in case of excessively low or high blood pressure, thrombosis, cardiovascular problems, sensitive skin or with skin diseases, state of pregnancy. If there is any doubt, we recommend you ask for the advice of your doctor.

    Depending on the substances used to the bandage, a distinction can be made between:

    • bandages with mixtures of essential oils;
    • bandages with sludge or algae (rich in vitamins and amino acids),
    • bandages based on saline solutions (by osmosis that eliminate excess liquids, counteracting water retention),

    and can be carried out both hot (with greater vasodilating and stimulating effects for peripheral circulation) and cold (with reducing, firming and anti-deflator effect).

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