3 solutions against localized adiposity

    Localized adiposity is one of the most hated blemishes by women and men. It is fat localized in specific areas such as hips, thighs, abdomen, calves, arms and buttocks which, often, is not only caused by an overweight situation but can also depend on genetic factors, a wrong lifestyle or a incorrect nutrition.

    Most people, who suffer from this problem, manifest an altered microcirculation that causes a reduction in tissue oxygenation with possible localized pain caused by the underlying inflammation.

    In recent years, professional aesthetics and aesthetic medicine have developed various effective treatments to reduce localized adiposity, the main ones being: anti-fat radiofrequency, infrared and cryolipolysis.

    1) Radio frequency exploits the heating action of radio waves to act on the lymphatic system and microcirculation, stimulating them and triggering a firming effect on the tissues. Fat cells break down and are then expelled from our body via lymphatic drainage.

    2) Infrared works for the principle of heating and exploits infrared rays which act, in a localized way, on the most radicalized fat. The toning and reducing action allows you to improve the condition of blemishes and reduce subcutaneous fat.

    3) Cryolipolysis, on the other hand, exploits an inverse principle, that of freezing. Through a special handpiece, the areas to be treated are brought to temperatures close to zero: in this way a cellular apoptosis process will be established leading to the death of fat cells with subsequent elimination through our lymphatic system.

    Before intervening, however, it is always important to contact a specialized center capable of carrying out an accurate thermographic analysis of the state of the fat.

    The thermographic analysis, through the use of a special microencapsulated liquid crystal plate, allows to have a high definition color image, which reflects the situation of the underlying tissues: in this way it is possible to distinguish the soft adiposity from the hardened one, as well as being able to classify cellulite in one of its four stages (absent, edematous, fibrous, sclerotic).

    Given its very high sensitivity, it is possible to move in a preventive perspective as the system is able to show the very first accumulations when still not visible to the naked eye or detectable on palpation.

    We are talking about an analysis that is totally free of contraindications, non-invasive and can be performed by anyone in an easy, fast and comfortable way.

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