Which are the stages of cellulite?

    Knowing the stage of cellulite helps to understand how to intervene in order to eliminate it and which strategy to adopt. So far, 4 stages of cellulite have been classified:

    Stage 0 indicates the absence of cellulite. The adipose tissue is well supplied with blood and the capillaries allow correct metabolic exchanges.

    In the first stage (called edematous), cellulite is not easily noticed, especially when people are standing, but if the skin is folded it is possible to see the typical “orange peel” appearance. This happens because the vessels have an abnormal permeability of the wall which leads to an accumulation and stagnation of plasma in the interstitial spaces. The skin appears pale, cold and pasty.

    In the second stage (fibrous cellulite), in an upright position the dimples formed by the micronodules are highlighted even when the skin is not folded. If the subject lies down, the dimples disappear. The presence of these micronodules leads to a slow and progressive destruction of the connective tissue of the dermis.

    In the third and last stage (sclerotic cellulitis), the dimples are present both when lying down and standing and the subject feels pain to the touch because connective tissue fibrosis occurs due to an inflammatory stage of the surrounding tissue.

    To be able to easily solve the problem, it is important to intervene in advance on cellulite both when it is still absent and when it is in its very early stages, in order to avoid having to resort to expensive and invasive treatments; for this reason, the first thing to do is a thermographic analysis of cellulite. As we have seen, every approach starts from a correct analysis that allows us to decide the cosmetic, aesthetic or medical aesthetic treatment that best suits that specific silhouette.

    After analyzing the condition of cellulite by contact thermography (a special technology developed by IPS, capable of detecting and classifying cellulite quickly, accurately and completely painlessly), it is possible to set up the best treatments.

    Thanks to their color images, the liquid crystal thermographic plates (extremely sensitive and in high resolution) allow to detect the presence of cellulite even when it is not visible to the naked eye or detectable through palpation. Therefore, this technology (entirely Made in Italy) is also excellent in a preventive way, allowing to act before the imperfection becomes visible and deeply rooted.

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