What makes anti-cellulite creams effective in treating blemishes?

    We are approaching summer and, most likely, we are starting to think about the upcoming bathing suit, with the consequent anxieties that this moment of the year can bring.

    The largest, probably, is linked to cellulite: an annoying imperfection characterized by its “orange peel skin” appearance that affects over 80% of women, regardless of age or physicality.

    Let’s start by saying that every path aimed at improving the condition of cellulite must always start from 3 key points: a change in diet, a change in lifestyle and a correct analysis of the condition of the skin that is affected.

    To perform this test, you can contact a specialized pharmacy equipped with contact thermography, a special patented technology made in Italy, which allows you to analyze and identify the condition of cellulite, classifying it in one of its four stages: absent, edematous, fibrous, sclerotic.

    Don’t worry: it is a totally painless exam and free from any kind of side effect; is based on the application of high-resolution liquid crystal plates on the area to be analyzed: in a few seconds, the thermographic system will show the condition of the subcutaneous tissues, also highlighting areas that are not visible to the naked eye or can be found on palpation.

    Once this is done, the pharmacist will be able to recommend a good anti-cellulite cream that will help you to recompact, drain and smooth the skin, counteracting fatty deposits and reactivating microcirculation.

    Over time, cosmetic research has made it possible to identify active ingredients that are truly effective in the treatment of cellulite:

    • escin: an active extracted from horse chestnut, with a powerful draining and reactivating effect on microcirculation,
    • caffeine: an active ingredient that promotes the lipolysis process (elimination of excess fat within the fat),
    • white clay and green clay: both characterized by a strong draining power,
    • seaweed and mud: two compounds that smooth the skin giving it a more compact appearance.


    We recommend that you always carry out circular massages while applying the anti-cellulite cream and never forget the importance of proper hydration throughout the day.

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