What is fibrous cellulite?

    Fibrous Cellulite is the second evolutionary phase of cellulite and is characterized by a thickening of the connective tissue (with loss of elasticity and the appearance of nodules), which hardens the adipose tissue. In this phase the skin, if pressed with the fingers, appears rich in hard and very evident nodules. It is also very cold and painful to the touch.

    The cause of Fibrous Cellulite is the constant stagnation of liquids in the tissues: the imperfection of orange peel skin, once this stage has been reached, becomes very evident.

    Like edematous cellulite (first stage) and sclerotic (third and last stage), fibrous cellulite must also be treated in time and effectively to avoid unpleasant worsening.

    One of the best ways to tackle the problem is to proceed, before any intervention, with a preventive analysis: a study that helps to understand what kind of stage we are at, allowing us to identify the best mode of intervention.

    With this in mind, it is useful to proceed with a thermographic analysis: a quick, totally painless, and free of contraindications examination that can also be repeated several times to check the progress of the blemish and the effectiveness of the treatments performed.

    The thermographic analysis of cellulite, through the use of a special microencapsulated liquid crystal plate, allows for a high-resolution color image that reflects the situation of the underlying tissues: in this way it is possible to clearly distinguish the stage of the pathology.

    The system has very high sensitivity and is even able to show the very first accumulations when still not visible to the naked eye or detectable on palpation.

    Based on the diagnosis made, it is possible to intervene preventively (in the very early stages of cellulite) to curb its development or, when the blemish has already occurred, to improve the situation through special aesthetic or medical aesthetic treatments.

    The system, produced in Italy by IPS s.r.l. it is protected by an international patent as a guarantee of a unique technology based on science.

    Furthermore, contact thermography is a friend of the beauty center or aesthetic doctor as it allows both to choose the most suitable treatment for the real condition of the patient and to show her the real benefits and progress, session after session.

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