What are the causes of cellulite? Is it possible to analyze it?

    People wonder what are the causes of cellulite: the onset of this annoying imperfection is due to a series of causes that can be of a genetic nature (increased hormonal activity, capillary fragility, poor circulation), hormonal (excessive estrogen activity that involves water conservation), vascular (slowing of the blood circulation), stress and bad eating and behavioral habits (tight clothes, excessive abuse of alcohol, sugars and fats and smoking).

    To be able to fight cellulite, therefore, it is also important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, to regulate and correct all the wrong habits. Sleeping continuously and having fixed hours, trying to reduce stress as much as possible, are the first step to ensure good compliance with training and diet.

    There are numerous remedies that can be put in place to definitively solve this problem. To identify the most effective one, however, it is important to proceed with an accurate diagnosis by contacting an aesthetic, medical or nutritional center equipped with contact thermography, a particular technology capable of showing the real condition of cellulite, allowing it to be classified in one of its stages: edematous, fibrous, sclerotic.

    Thermographic analysis of cellulite is based on the use of liquid crystal thermographic plates: a highly professional system capable of showing, in a few seconds, the real condition of the underlying tissues simply by placing the plate on the area to be analyzed.

    This peculiarity makes it suitable for anyone, as it does not present any kind of contraindication or invasiveness in the execution of the analysis, also allowing repeatability whenever you want to check the progress of the progress obtained from the treatment or diet we are following.

    The system exploits the principle whereby cellulite, being a factor that involves microcirculation, causes minimal changes in skin temperature that can be detected by the thermographic plates.

    After having carried out a correct analysis, you can intervene in different ways. One of the treatments is, for example, the pink salt bandage that can reduce the level of cellulite, improving the appearance of the skin.

    This bandage has draining effects based on the principle of osmosis, a physical process that tends to dilute the more concentrated solution by reducing the difference in concentration. When the salt penetrates the skin, it frees it from liquid stagnation, decreasing localized inflammation and benefiting the lymphatic system and blood circulation.

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