What are the best physical activities to fight cellulite?

    As we all know, lifestyle, nutrition, and physical activity are 3 fundamental pillars to prevent and fight cellulite: it is necessary to decrease fat mass and increase lean mass, tone the body, maintain an active metabolism, and improve circulation.

    Depending on the level of physical preparation and age, you can choose the most specific training for your needs which must be divided into two specific parts:

    • aerobic exercise,
    • anaerobic strengthening exercise.

    The benefits of a mixed training program, which includes aerobic and anaerobic strengthening activity, are many:

    • aerobic activity, improves cardiovascular function, increases energy consumption (also increasing the direct oxidation of fats), and improves glucose metabolism,
    • the strengthening activity increases muscle tropism, strengthens the bone structure, increases the basal metabolism, optimizes the venous return of the lower limbs, and improves circulation.

    Furthermore, both activities favor the normal detox processes of our body, helping it to expel toxins.

    Thermographic analysis: the starting point of every anti-cellulite treatment

    In addition to physical activity and proper nutrition, cosmetics, professional aesthetics, and aesthetic medicine, in recent years, have developed various effective technologies to prevent and reduce cellulite but, for each treatment, it is essential to know the real situation. of the skin tissues to plan the best possible path.

    Thanks to a particular technology, made in Italy by IPS s.r.l. and called “contact thermography” it is possible to analyze and classify, in an easy and fast way, the condition of cellulite.

    This evaluation, called “thermographic analysis of cellulite“, involves the use of a special microencapsulated liquid crystal plate that will be applied to the area to be analyzed; in a few seconds, the system will show a high-resolution color image, reflecting the situation of the underlying fabrics.

    This will allow the operator to know the starting situation by distinguishing between edematous cellulite, fibrous cellulite, or sclerotic cellulite, to direct the client toward the most effective path.

    Given its very high sensitivity, it is also possible to move in a preventive perspective, as the system can show the very first accumulations (when they are not yet visible to the naked eye and cannot be detected on palpation).

    We are talking about an analysis that is free of contraindications (therefore repeatable, treatment after treatment, to monitor its progress), non-invasive and can be performed by anyone in an easy, fast and comfortable way.

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