Thermographic analysis as a prevention tool against cellulite

    One of the best ways to tackle the problem of cellulite is to proceed, before any intervention, with a preventive analysis in order to understand what kind of stage we are at, identifying the best mode of intervention.

    In this case, it is useful to proceed with a thermographic analysis, a quick and totally painless examination that can be carried out several times to check the progress and effectiveness of the treatments performed.

    The thermographic analysis, through the use of a special microencapsulated liquid crystal plate, allows to have a high definition color image, which reflects the situation of the underlying tissues: in this way it is possible to distinguish the soft adiposity from the hardened one, as well as being able to classify cellulite in one of its stages:

    • edematous: water retention is slightly evident in the area of ​​the thighs and buttocks, the skin is characterized by a slight pitted effect, the blood vessels lose elasticity favoring the stagnation of liquids;
    • fibrous: the connective tissue increases and a hardening of the fat occurs which forms small nodules with a constant stagnation of liquids which makes the adipose tissue extremely fibrous;
    • sclerotic: the tissue becomes hard and cold, the nodules are large and painful to the touch. The skin is hard, with obvious depressions and bumps.

    The thermographic system has a very high sensitivity and is able to show the very first accumulations when still not visible to the naked eye or detectable on palpation. Based on the diagnosis made, it is possible to intervene preventively (in the very early stages of cellulite) to slow its development or to improve the situation through special treatments. The advantage of this examination is that it allows you to identify the degree of advancement of the blemish, allowing you to act in a targeted manner depending on the location of the problem.

    Our thermographic analysis system is protected by an international patent owned by IPS, guaranteeing a unique and scientifically based system.

    After the analysis, we will be able to contact an aesthetic center, or aesthetic doctor, who will be able to offer the patient the best path, customized according to their stage and other factors (lifestyle, nutrition).

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