The new cellulite treatment with oxygen-ozone therapy

    Today we want to talk about a new cellulite treatment with dual usefulness: it acts as a booster of the immune system, speeding up cellular repair processes, on the other hand it acts as a real bio-lifting, revitalizing the tissues through stimulation of collagen production.

    This is oxygen-ozone therapy, a new treatment that involves micro-infiltrations of these two substances which, until recently, were used only in aesthetic medicine dedicated to face.

    A treatment that is proposed as almost completely painless thanks to the use of micro needles (it is possible to feel only the slightest tingling in the treated area which will become red at the end of the session) and which leads to excellent results.

    It is possible to return immediately to normal daily activities but, as an aesthetic medicine treatment, it is not suitable for everyone: pregnant people and those with particular diseases affecting the cardiovascular system will certainly be excluded. In any case, the doctor will first carry out a thorough medical history to assess the suitability for treatment and evaluate both the duration and the percentages of the gaseous mix (this based on the state of cellulite).

    To analyse cellulite, you can use contact thermography, a particular technology entirely Made in Italy, capable of detecting the condition of cellulite, classifying it in one of its three stages: edematous, fibrous or sclerotic.

    It works through the use of high-resolution liquid crystal plates which, once positioned on the area to be analyzed, show a clear and detailed image revealing the composition of the subcutaneous tissues.

    An analysis of cellulite that has no contraindication and can be carried out to anyone as it is non-invasive and totally pain-free (elements that make it perfect also for the repeatability of the analysis which is particularly useful in the case of oxygen treatment – ozone therapy, by the very nature of this treatment, they will continue to improve day by day, in order to have a clear tracking of progress).

    It is possible to try thermographic analysis of cellulite in the best beauty and aesthetic medicine centers, as well as in the nutritional ones and in some dermatological centers.

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