The combined action of 4 treatments thanks to Thermo 4

    Edemato-fibroscletoric panniculopathy, better known by the term cellulite, is an imperfection that affects 8 out of 10 women, both from the physical point of view (with visible aesthetic alterations in the legs, hips and buttocks) and from the mental point of view (bringing a lowering of self-esteem combined with the fear of showing these areas of the body).

    As we know, medical technology has made great strides, proposing increasingly effective and long-lasting treatments that allow you to go to act in depth, improving its condition: an example is the combined anti-cellulite remodelling “Thermo 4” by Neoglis Medical Technology which allows to reduce centimeters in different areas of the body, toning the skin tissue and correcting the imperfections from the first session.

    It is a combined system of bipolar radiofrequency, vacuum with endodermal massage, cryotherapy and photo-biomodulation led, all in a single handpiece, let’s see how:

    • radio frequency allows to stimulate collagen functionality,
    • the vacuum with massage stimulates the tissue and gives a draining and toning effect,
    • cryotherapy alternates a combined hot-cold action that restores elasticity and tone to the tissues,
    • led photo-biomodulation stimulates surface microcirculation.

    Thermo 4 is a non-invasive and non-surgical system.

    To understand if it is a system suitable for our cellulite condition, we can opt for a medical or aesthetic center equipped with contact thermography: an easy, fast and non-invasive analysis that allows you to identify and classify the condition of cellulite (absent, edematous , fibrous, sclerotic) even when still not visible or found on palpation (a huge advantage since it allows you to act in a preventive perspective with containment and maintenance treatments).

    The thermographic analysis of cellulite is based on the use of liquid crystal thermographic plates which, once placed on the area to be analyzed, after a few seconds reflect the condition of the underlying tissues.

    In the BodyTherm version, the operator is also helped by an assisted interpretation of the results through a specific application and patented technology.

    Having no type of contraindication, it is an analysis suitable for anyone and repeatable over time: a product entirely Made in Italy by IPS s.r.l. in Milan area.

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