The bioelectric impulse massage: a valid ally against cellulite

    Today we want to talk to you about treatments for cellulite starting from the fundamental premises to be able to fight it, which are always 3:

    • healthy diet and lifestyle,
    • work out,
    • effective treatments.

    First of all, it is essential to recognize the presence and condition of cellulite which, often, can be mistaken for simple water retention or skin laxity: carrying out specific anti-cellulite treatments when you only have water retention or loss of tone may not lead to expected results. For this reason, programs must always be customized based on age, habits and the actual condition of the fabrics.

    In order to detect the presence and type of cellulite, it is advisable to resort to a simple, non-invasive and truly cutting-edge analysis: contact thermography, an all-Italian patent.

    Thermographic analysis is an easy, precise and fast examination that allows (through the use of special liquid crystal thermographic plates) to analyze the microcirculatory condition by identifying the presence and stage of cellulite: edematous, fibrous and sclerotic.

    The plates are highly sensitive to every slightest variation and can detect their presence even when not visible to the naked eye or detectable on palpation: this is why it is an excellent analysis also from a preventive perspective and to monitor progress after each treatment.

    Once this checkup has been carried out (which, given its non-invasiveness and its total absence of contraindications, can be performed by anyone), our trusted beautician will be able to recommend the most suitable treatment for our specific case.

    Today we are talking about the bioelectric impulse massage, suitable for treating venous stasis, cellulite, localized adiposity, lymphatic stasis and lack of muscle tone. It is based on the use of particular massage techniques carried out by qualified personnel with the use of highly conductive gloves which, through bioelectric impulses, allow specific active ingredients to penetrate directly into the subcutaneous areas affected by cellulite.

    The advantage is twofold: in addition to having a relaxing, pleasant and specific massage for every need, it significantly improves the condition of the blemish.

    The treatment with bioelectric impulse massage is indicated in case of edematous cellulite and in the first stages of fibrous cellulite and has a variable duration between 40 and 60 minutes for each session.

    It is not invasive and allows you to return immediately to normal activities, not before having checked the result obtained with a new thermographic analysis.

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