Sclerotic cellulite: try the connective massage

    When we talk about cellulite, we all know what we are talking about: that annoying imperfection able to make us insecure, sad and uncomfortable, especially when we approch the summer and the swimsuit season begins to get closer.

    As we have seen, each treatment starts from a proper analysis that will allow you to decide the cosmetic, aesthetic or medical aesthetic treatment best suited to your silhouette.

    However, we cannot always afford treatments with machinery: either for health issues (they are not always usable in the presence of certain diseases) or for a high cost: for this reason, today we want to talk about a non-invasive treatment, also suitable for the most serious phases of cellulite: the connective tissue massage.

    After analysing the condition of cellulite by contact thermography (a special technology able to identify and classify cellulite in a fast, precise and totally painless way in one of its four stages: absent, edematous, fibrous and sclerotic),  it is possible to undergo the treatments of this special massage, very suitable in case of major inflammations.

    Its name comes from the connective layer of the skin, that is the area able to regenerate with specific maneuvers that allow the re-oxygenation of the tissues. In addition, through manual action (and with specific pinching), you move the accumulated adipose tissue in the layers below, improving blood circulation and reactivating the metabolism.

    If cellulite has already reached an advanced stage, such as sclerotic, the massage can be a bit ‘annoying but it can  greatly improve the condition.

    Many manipulations are required to consolidate and emphasize the results but, after each treatment, it is possible to perform a thermographic analysis that, thanks to its non-invasiveness and total absence of contraindications can be repeated several times to detect any slight change.

    The liquid crystal thermographic plates, thanks to their color images (extremely sensitive and high resolution), allow to detect the presence of cellulite even when not visible to the naked eye or with palpation, therefore this technology (entirely Made in Italy) is also excellent in a preventive key, allowing to run for cover before the imperfection become visible.

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