Reduce and firm cellulite with the new combined treatments.

    Cellulite is a big trouble that affects almost all women of all ages: it manifests itself with an annoying “orange peel” skin blemish, water retention and inflammation.

    In addition to the aesthetic factor, it can lead to complications related to circulation and inflammation of the tissues.

    The causes are related to our eating habits and our lifestyle but also to genetic predisposition, hormonal changes and poor circulation.

    The first thing to do, to fight it, is to go to a professional who can correctly identify the type of cellulite: to do this, you can contact a beauty center, a pharmacy, a nutritionist or a gym that is equipped with contact thermography, a technology entirely Made in Italy able to analyze and classify skin tissues.

    The analysis is based on the use of high-resolution thermographic plates to be placed in the area to be evaluated: in a few seconds, they will show the condition of cellulite, allowing it to be classified into one of its stages: compact, edematous, fibrous or sclerotic.

    This examination is also excellent from a preventive point of view as it allows to show the presence of the very first stages even when still not visible to the naked eye or detectable on palpation. Furthermore, since it is a totally non-invasive methodology and free of any type of contraindication, it will be possible to repeat the analysis several times to keep track of progress.

    Once the condition has been identified, we can opt for an aesthetic treatment: today we are talking about the combined action of radiofrequency and three-dimensional ultrasound treatments: the latest in the technique in the field of aesthetic treatments.

    It is based on the use of a handpiece that combines both technologies, working on all layers of the skin (through ultrasound, whose action is further enhanced by radiofrequency): in this way, the tissues are remodeled by reducing them and firming them but also improving their texture thanks to oxygenation.

    We are talking about a painless treatment, which allows you to immediately return to your activities: the sensation you will experience will be a pleasant and warm massage and the expected duration for each session is 30-40 minutes depending on the area to be treated.

    The beautician will also be able to suggest the expected number of sessions but, generally, we are talking about 8-10 treatments.

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