Problems with cellulite? New acoustic waves come to the rescue

    As we all know, in recent years aesthetic and medical aesthetic technology has made enormous strides in the research and development of new types of increasingly effective treatments.

    Proof of this is a brand new technology that promises excellent results fighting against  cellulite and localized fat deposits: acoustic waves.

    But let’s start from the base: what is cellulite? A multifactorial disorder characterized by an annoying (and often painful) imperfection with the appearance of “orange peel” that affects over 80% of women. Its appearance can occur as early as adolescence and, if not treated properly, it will accompany you for the rest of your life.

    Before deciding the treatment, however, it is advisable to proceed with its correct analysis in order to identify its stage (absent, edematous, fibrous or sclerotic) and understand its presence in the underlying tissues (not visible to the naked eye). This is why another revolutionary technology comes into play: contact thermography, a special analysis method that uses liquid crystal thermographic plates to be placed on the area to be analyzed; in a few seconds, it will be possible to obtain a color image, at very high resolution, which reflects the condition of the underlying tissues.

    Its peculiarity is that it is an analysis that is totally free of contraindications: for this reason it can be repeated and carried out by anyone. No discomfort or pain is expected and no special preparation is required before undergoing the exam.

    The outcome will allow the aesthetic doctor or beautician to decide the type and duration of treatment, for example the one mentioned initially, with acoustic waves, in order to maximize results.

    The treatment addresses the problem by acting on the cellular metabolic activity and the elasticity of the connective tissue, increasing the permeability of the cell membrane and improving the microcirculation: this will lead to greater stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation, while vibrations (generated by acoustic waves) will restore the elasticity of the connective tissue improving the tone and aesthetics of the skin.

    The acoustic waves allow you to immediately return to normal daily activities and have no particular contraindications except a visible redness in the treated areas. In any case, before undergoing any treatment, we always recommend that you ask your doctor for an opinion.

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