Localized adiposity: what is it and what does it depend on?

    Localized adiposity, also known by the name of visceral fat, are adipose accumulations that are concentrated in certain areas of our body such as hips, abdomen, buttocks, calves or thighs and which differ from subcutaneous fat (concentrated in the hypodermis) and from the intramuscular one (distributed among the muscle fibers).

    Visceral fat is one of the most important risk factors for cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes, as well as leading to complications such as metabolic syndrome.

    Furthermore, scientific studies show that it can be even more dangerous than general obesity.

    Its accumulation occurs over time due to an unregulated lifestyle based on unhealthy diet, poor physical activity and bad habits. In addition to the health aspect, it also brings with it unpleasant imperfections, which can lead us to no longer feel good about ourselves.

    In fact, an accumulation in the abdomen and hips for men or on the thighs, buttocks and calves for women is typical. When we have a now ingrained condition, it becomes difficult to remedy with diet alone, therefore it may be necessary to resort to aesthetic or medical aesthetic treatments to help “dissolve” and eliminate this type of cell.

    However, it is difficult to distinguish it from other adipose tissues: for this reason, we recommend carrying out an analysis of adiposity by contact thermography, a simple and painless examination that allows you to locate and classify the adipose tissue present in the underlying layers.

    This examination is based on the use of special liquid crystal thermographic plates which, once applied to the area to be analyzed, reflect in a few seconds a high resolution color image depicting the underlying condition: this allows the therapist to indicate the best aesthetic or medical treatment and to keep track, session after session, of the progress of our path.

    Furthermore, contact thermography is an excellent preventive tool since it allows to detect these accumulations even when they are still not visible to the naked eye: in this way it will be possible to act promptly by regulating diet and lifestyle, avoiding accumulations much more difficult to eliminate.

    This examination can also be performed to detect the condition of cellulite and, as with visceral fat, it is possible to detect it early when still not visible.

    Contact thermography is available at the best nutritional centers, in selected aesthetic medicine clinics or in the beauty centers.

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