Let’s fight cold, adiposity and cellulite with the dry sauna

    Autumn has now arrived, and with it the temperature starts dropping, leading to overcovering ourself before going out.

    This often lowers the desire to carry out aesthetic treatments, or aesthetic medical treatments, which require us to undress. This makes us lazy and avoiding the right care of our body.

    Today, however, we can count on technological innovation that has made it possible to create a new non-invasive treatment useful for fighting cellulite and localized fat deposits: the dry sauna.

    The machine consists of a particular sauna that offers a detoxifying action capable of speeding up the metabolism with consequent reduction of water retention, improvement of the condition of cellulite and reduction of adipose tissue.

    This particular sauna delivers dry heat and, unlike a traditional sauna, the absence of humidity accelerates the physiological process of expelling excess liquids and toxins.

    The treatment lasts about 60 minutes and is often offered in combination with chromotherapy for a relaxing and stimulating effect. It is not invasive: it is, in fact, a hot treatment in which the delivery of dry heat allows you to act directly on the fat mass with greater ease.

    The elimination, through sweat, of toxins and waste allows for a detox action that leads to the improvement of the skin tone that will be softer and more luminous.

    As with traditional saunas, it is always better to hear the opinion of your doctor before undergoing the treatment, especially if in the presence of cardiovascular diseases or suspected pregnancy.

    The dry sauna promises excellent results and one good method to check its real effectiveness on our body is contact thermography, a special technology that allows us to know the real condition of cellulite and localized adiposity.

    Its operating principle is based on the use of liquid crystal plates which, after being placed on the skin in the area to be analyzed, map the composition of the underlying tissue in high-definition color images, allowing the study of cellulite (absent, edematous, fibrous, sclerotic) and to detect the presence of visceral fat.

    Contact thermography is a non-invasive, painless and quick analysis: all features that make it a valuable ally in tracking the progress of dry sauna treatment; Furthermore, it can also be used in a preventive perspective since its special plates allow to detect the presence of cellulite and localized adiposity even when not visible to the naked eye or detectable on palpation.

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