Infrared anti-cellulite massages: how do they work?

    Cellulite is a problem that affects most women, regardless of age or geographical area.

    A problem characterized by a conspicuous imperfection of orange peel skin which, in addition to being unhealthy, can also affect a lot from an emotional point of view, especially during the summer months when you tend to dress less covered and you have to deal with the much feared swimsuit season.

    According to scientific research, in addition to a healthy diet and an adequate lifestyle, a regular anti-cellulite massage can be of great help in the fight against this annoying imperfection.

    Today, however, we are talking about a particular massage, combined with the use of infrared rays to maximize its effectiveness.

    Before this, it is always good to ask your doctor or trusted beautician for advice who, after having performed a thermographic analysis of cellulite, will be able to assess whether this type of massage is suitable for our condition.

    We are talking about a quick exam, totally free of contraindications and executable by anyone: it does not hurt, it does not emit radiation and it leaves no mark. It is based on the use of high resolution liquid crystal thermographic plates which, once applied to the area to be analyzed, allow to detect the condition of cellulite and localized adiposity, in order to classify the degree reached (absent, edematous, fibrous, sclerotic in the case of cellulite, soft or hard in the case of localized adiposity).

    This thermographic system is manufactured in Italy by IPS s.r.l. and is protected by an industrial patent to protect its scientific validity.

    Once the condition has been identified, the actual treatment can begin which will be accompanied by an infrared massager: thanks to the heat and the motor activities, it will act in depth by improving circulation and drainage of the skin: two risk factors of the cellulite.

    Massages performed with the aid of this technology can help us fight blemishes: infrared, through the development of heat, dissolve fat cells and, in combination with manual manipulation, allow the restoration of microcirculation.

    The results in terms of remodeling, increased elasticity and improvement of skin tone can be found after a series of treatments but, thanks to the use of thermographic analysis, it is possible to detect them immediately (even when still not visible to the naked eye or found on palpation).

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