How to improve cellulite with alveolar micro-stimulation?

    As we well know cellulite is a multifactorial problem that affects over 80% of women, manifesting itself with an annoying orange peel skin blemish and, in the most serious cases, with swelling and discomfort (pain) in the lower limbs.

    It is divided into 3 clearly defined stages: oedematous, fibrous and sclerotic (in order of severity).

    Once its presence has been noticed, it is necessary to act to counter it, reduce it or eliminate it completely: but let’s start from the basis of each treatment, a correct analysis of the starting condition.

    This is possible through contact thermography, an entirely Made in Italy technology based on the use of liquid crystal thermographic plates to be placed on the area to be analyzed: in a few seconds, the system displays a high-resolution color image that reflects the condition of the underlying tissues.

    We are talking about a very important exam for detecting and classifying cellulite in one of the stages we talked about earlier: an analysis that is totally free of contraindications, painless, fast and repeatable, treatment after treatment to keep track of improvements.

    Contact thermography can be found in the best nutritional clinics, in aesthetic or medical beauty centers and in some gyms or dermatological clinics.

    Once the presence and condition of cellulite has been noticed, we can opt for a decisive treatment such as alveolar micro-stimulation: a technology based on the use of computerized handpieces to be passed, with a pleasant massage, in the areas to be treated.

    Wearing a special sheath, the rollers slide easily and evenly over all parts of the body and the sensation is comparable to that of a manual massage; at each stroke, the rollers through microalveoli stimulate the skin and, consequently, the circulatory system, causing better oxygenation and drainage of the edematous tissues.

    The treatments last about 45-50 minutes and do not give particular contraindications: it is possible to return immediately to normal daily activities. There may be only a slight redness in the treated areas.

    In any case, before proceed with any type of treatment, especially if you are pregnant or if you have particular pathologies, we recommend you to ask for the opinion and approval of your doctor.

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