How to fight cellulite with sport?

    Cellulite is a problem that afflicts most women, manifesting itself with an annoying orange peel skin blemish; we can, however, adopt a series of healthy habits that, in addition to counteracting the imperfection, also improve our lifestyle, such as practicing sports regularly.

    Which sport to practice to fight cellulite?

    To have evident and lasting results it is necessary to decrease the fat mass and increase the lean one: in this way it will be possible to improve muscle mass, tone the body, reactivate the metabolism and circulation.

    Depending on the physical level and age, it is possible to choose the best sporting practice for each of us, such as:

    • Low-intensity cardio workouts: walking, swimming, cycling, cross-country skiing, climbing, skating, functional circuits with free body or with small tools, at low intensity.
    • Exercises to oxygenate, regenerate the body and reduce stress: yoga, pilates, meditation, autogenic training and stretching.
    • High intensity cardio workouts: circuits and bodyweight workouts or with small high impact functional tools, spinning, walking interspersed with running.
    • Muscle workouts: circuits and exercises using external loads.

    Cellulite must be treated both inside and out: to act and have long-lasting results, it is also necessary to hydrate properly, follow a healthy and balanced diet, avoid stress, reduce the number of hours with high heels and constricting clothing and regularize the intestine.

    The importance of the right cellulite analysis

    One of the most important aspects, before starting any cellulite improvement process, is to carry out a preliminary analysis using contact thermography. Through this system it is possible to constantly monitor the condition, also thanks to the non-invasive analysis and the total absence of side effects.

    Its sensitivity also allows you to detect the presence of cellulite in the very early stages, when still not visible to the naked eye or detectable on palpation: this allows you to have an enormous strategic advantage, allowing you to act in a preventive perspective.

    Its use is very simple and is based on microencapsulated liquid crystal plates to be placed on the area to be analyzed: in a few seconds, thanks to the detection of the skin temperature, the system will show a color image, high resolution, which reflects the condition of the underlying tissues, highlighting the presence and stage of cellulite.

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