How to fight cellulite during the cold? Here are 4 super herbal teas.

    Winter is coming and, with it, low temperatures and the desire to be relaxed and warm: but this is the moment to take action and start preparing our body for the summer.

    In fact, there are no “shock” remedies or treatments that can remodel us in a few days: every approach against cellulite imperfections requires time, consistency and methodology, so it is always important to rely on professionals to ask for advice on how to act.

    Specifically, the reference figures are always the nutritionist, the beautician and the aesthetic doctor: 3 professionals capable of acting, with different approaches, helping us to solve the problem.

    Morover, we can also add “do it yourself” remedies, simple habits that we can insert into our daily routines which, in addition to being pleasant, can give excellent long-term results: for example, the use of cosmetic creams or certain foods such as excellent draining herbal teas.

    As we all know, every approach to fight against cellulite must start from its correct analysis: the key point for understanding the gravity of the situation and deciding which approach, or approaches, are needed.

    This can be done through thermographic analysis, a particular examination that is carried out using liquid crystal thermographic plates to be placed on the areas to be analyzed.

    We are talking about an exam with no contraindications: it is painless, fast, suitable for anyone and repeatable to keep track of the progress.

    Contact thermography allows you to have, in a few seconds, a high-resolution color image that reflects the condition of the underlying tissues and allows us to classify cellulite in one of its stages: edematous, fibrous or sclerotic.

    If the analysis were to highlight one of the first stages, we can take actions, as we have said, with small tricks such as draining herbal teas, a real panacea for the body thanks to the draining and detoxifying properties of these products.

    Among the best anti-cellulite herbal teas, we can suggest:

    • equisetum and bitter orange herbal tea: recommended to eliminate metabolic waste;
    • birch and fennel herbal tea: recommended for its deflating and draining effect;
    • red vine herbal tea: recommended for its purifying and diuretic properties;
    • herbal tea with meadowsweet: recommended for its diuretic, anti-inflammatory and calming properties (it should not be used by people allergic to aspirin).

    Before buying them but, above all, before consuming them, make sure you do not have any kind of allergy to the ingredients contained in the product.

    We always avoid using sugar to sweeten herbal teas: a real ally of water retention. If you find them too bitter, you can add a teaspoon of honey.

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