Have you ever heard of Vacuum cellulite?

    It is an innovative aesthetic treatment that takes its name from vacuum therapy, a methodology already used in ancient Chinese medicine to counter skin imperfections.

    Cellulite, in fact, manifests itself with a visible imperfection with the classic appearance of “orange peel”, but this is only a small part of the problem since it goes to take root much deeper in subcutaneous tissues. It is a multifactorial disorder characterized by lymphatic stagnation that, if not treated, worsens more and more.

    Every therapeutic approach must intervene on several fronts: nutrition, lifestyle, aesthetic treatments, cosmetics or aesthetic doctors, depending on the starting situation.

    What is certainly the same for everyone is the starting analysis, an important data that allows us to understand the best type of treatment according to our condition; this can be done through thermographic analysis of cellulite, a special methodology that, through high-resolution thermographic plates, allows to detect and classify cellulite in one of its four stages: absent, edematous, fibrous, sclerotic.

    It is an easy and fast examination, without any contraindication : just place the plates on the area to analyse and, in a few seconds, it will be possible to obtain a colored and high resolution image, which reflects the condition of the underlying tissues.

    Contact thermography also allows to detect cellulite – even when it is not visible to the naked eye yet or detectable in cellulite – thus becoming an excellent tool of preventive action.

    Once the condition has been identified, it is possible to switch to the actual treatment, based on an electronic device laden with negative pressure, which sucks a portion of the skin inside a suction cup while massage rollers create a real draining and lymphatic massage that helps eliminate the effects of water retention.

    It is a painless methodology that helps stimulate microcirculation and oxygenation of treated tissues. It also goes well with the treatment of radiofrequency, especially in cases that present a more severe condition, where a multi-therapeutic approach is required.

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