Have you ever heard of LIPODISSOLVE as an anti-cellulite treatment?

    It is a remedy to reduce or eliminate cellulite and visceral fat, two issues that affect most people, especially women of any age.

    Cellulite manifests itself by the annoying “orange peel” imperfection, while visceral fat accumulates almost always in very annoying places of the body.  They are clearly visible, especially during summer, when we wear the swimsuit: hips, buttocks, abdomen and calves.

    In addition to the aesthetic aspect, however, we must also take into account the health aspect since visceral fat is one of the main risk factors of cardiovascular diseases: as a matter of fact, this is very important to analyse its presence and tackle the problem.

    For both cellulite and visceral fat, before deciding on the therapeutic approach, we always recommend carrying out an analysis made by contact thermography, a technology that detects the presence and stage of both conditions.

    That gives a great advantage since it allows the professional to decide on the most suitable type of treatment and on its duration. But it doesn’t stop here: thanks to the thermographic plates that, through high-resolution color image, reflect the real condition of the underlying tissues, it is possible to identify the presence of cellulite even when not yet detectable with the naked eye or with palpation.

    Thermographic analysis is an easy, fast and absolutely painless examination: you can repeat the analysis several times as it doesn’t show any kind of contraindication in its execution.

    Once the analysis has been carried out, it is possible to switch to the actual treatment. In the case of LIPODISSOLVE, it is completely medical and involves the injection of a lipolytic substance in combination with vitamins and minerals. Given its localized action, it is possible to act specifically on the areas most affected by fat tissue.

    The injected substance allows to metabolize fats and the treatment is carried out with non-painful micro-needles. If done correctly, after the examination and initial approval of the doctor, there are no particular contraindications other than the possibility of developing small oedema located in the treated areas – that will disappear within a few days.

    In some cases, the professional may recommend wearing support stockings in the days following the treatment.

    Generally, you should have one session per month, as it takes a fair amount of time for the action of the medicine to give its results, and are scheduled from 3 to 5 times.

    Between the sessions, thanks to the thermographic plates, it will be possible to monitor in details the progress.

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