Get rid of cellulite and localized adiposity with endodermal treatment

    In recent years, aesthetic research has made great strides in the development of new technologies capable of dealing with two very common problems: cellulite and localized adiposity.

    We are talking about two disorders that manifest themselves with imperfections that are not very pleasant to the eye, which can greatly affect us (both from a psychological point of view and from the point of view of our health): hence the need to find increasingly effective treatments and methods of approach and lasting.

    The trend in recent years is to combine multiple treatments in a single machine in order to have a combined action that maximizes its effects: a clear example of this is the computerized endodermal treatment that combines bipolar radiofrequency, infrared and vacuum suction.

    • Radio frequency is excellent for stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, two components that tone and improve the tissues.
    • The infrared acts in depth by heating the fat cells which will then be expelled from our lymphatic system.
    • The vacuum massage accelerates cellular metabolism and promotes microcirculation.

    We are talking about a very effective combined treatment, with a lipolytic action that allows you to deflate the legs and buttocks and eliminate the pads from the classic accumulation areas such as hips, abdomen, arms or calves.

    The sessions last 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated and are painless. Once finished, you can immediately return to your normal daily activities.

    We advise you to always rely on a valid beauty center, equipped with contact thermography, a Made in Italy technology that allows a precise and targeted analysis of the condition of the tissues: as regards cellulite, it is possible to identify its stage (absent, edematous , fibrous, sclerotic) while for localized adiposities, it is possible to distinguish soft ones from hardened ones.

    It takes advantage of the special high resolution thermographic plates which, once placed on the area to be analyzed, show in a few seconds (and through a high definition color image) the composition of the underlying tissues: they are so sensitive that they even allow to detect the very first stages of cellulite when still not visible to the naked eye or visible on palpation.

    The thermographic analysis does not present any kind of contraindication and can be carried out by anyone, also to keep track of every minimum improvement achieved thanks to the treatment we have undergone

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