Fighting and winning cellulite with proper preventive analysis

    Cellulite, also known by its scientific term “edematous fibrosclerotic pannicolopathy” is a multifactorial disorder that affects most women, characterized by an imperfection of “orange peel” skin: a real pathology in which diet and lifestyle play a primary role in its prevention and treatment.

    As we know, there are various methods of treatment: cosmetic, aesthetic or medical aesthetic, all linked by the need to combine treatments with a correct diet and a healthy lifestyle.

    Normally, we begin to worry when the first symptoms appear but, unfortunately, it can sometimes be too late already and require long and expensive treatments.

    There is, however, a technology that can help us fight cellulite over time: we are talking about contact thermography, able to detect its presence from the very first stages when still impossible to detect with the naked eye or with palpation.

    This represents a real revolution from a preventive point of view: being able to fight cellulite -when it has not yet fully manifested itself- allows us to increase the chances of success, also reducing the invasiveness of any treatments to which we should normally submit.

    The thermographic analysis of cellulite is based on the use of thermographic liquid crystal plates: a highly professional system able to show, in a few seconds, the real condition of the underlying tissues simply by simply putting the plate on the area to be analyzed.

    This peculiarity makes it suitable for anyone, not presenting any kind of contraindication or invasiveness in the execution of the analysis, also allowing a repeatability whenever you want to check the progress obtained from the treatment or diet we are following.

    The system exploits the principle that cellulite, being a factor involving microcirculation, causes minimal changes in skin temperature that can be detected by our thermographic plates.

    For example, in warmer areas blood stasis conditions may be found, while in colder areas the presence of nodules and macronodules may be found; in the absence, however, the tissue is richly sprayed and the temperature is homogeneous.

    As with all diseases, it is certainly better to prevent than to have to resort, later, to much biggest sacrifices both in economic terms (subjecting us to expensive treatments) and in dietary terms.

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