Fat storage cellulite: here below best treatments

    As we have seen in previous articles, cellulite is a problem characterized by an annoying “orange peel skin” blemish that affects the major part of women. Its etiology can depend on various factors such as genetics, unhealthy lifestyle, use of certain types of medicines, sedentary lifestyle and much more.

    Depending on the triggering factor, it is possible to act with a targeted treatment (cosmetic, aesthetic or medical aesthetic) to reduce, or eliminate, the problem.

    Today we will analyze together the best treatments against cellulite caused by fat accumulation.

    In this series, the pads are mainly concentrated on the thighs and hips and appear as a rather stubborn fat mass.

    The first thing to do is to contact an aesthetic center, or aesthetic doctor, equipped with contact thermography in order to carry out an analysis of cellulite: this will allow you to have a clear mapping of the situation, also distinguishing the stage of it (edematous, fibrous, sclerotic).

    Cellulite analysis is an easy, fast and totally free of contraindications test: this is why it can be performed by anyone and can be repeated, before and after each treatment, to monitor its progress.

    It is based on the use of a special liquid crystal thermographic plate which, if placed on the area to be analyzed, reflects a problem of microcirculation under the skin with an HDI color image.

    Once the analysis has been carried out, the professional will be able to advise us which treatment to follow: in the case of cellulite from fat accumulation, we suggest mesotherapy or cryolipolysis.

    Mesotherapy is an aesthetic medical treatment that involves micro-injections in the skin area to be treated: we are talking about an outpatient procedure that does not involve the use of anesthetic medicine thanks to special micro-needles that make it painless. A cycle normally includes 10 sessions on a weekly basis but, depending on the severity of the individual case, the doctor can choose whether to decrease or increase them.

    Mesotherapy promises excellent and long-lasting results, however, it is not applicable to everyone, so always ask your doctor for advice.

    Cryolipolysis, on the other hand, is a treatment that uses the principle of freezing to trigger a mechanism of cellular apoptosis (death of fat cells).

    Through a handpiece, the area to be treated is isolated, which will then be sucked and cooled until it reaches temperatures close to zero: in this way, the fat cells will go into apoptosis and will then be expelled from our lymphatic system. The results are not immediately visible but the treated areas will improve day after day, until they reach their maximum after about 30-40 days from the treatment.

    Both mesotherapy and cryolipolysis allow you to immediately return to normal daily activities.

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