Exclusive and personalized promotional products: a way to surprise your customers

    Amazing customers is one of the strengths of IPS products.

    The promotional product is “communication” and must never be banal, on the contrary, it must be studied and calibrated in order to obtain the best possible “wow” effect

    Our UV indicators are unique and innovative and will surely remain etched in the heart and mind of your customers: they allow you to detect the presence and intensity of UV rays (Low – Medium – High – Extreme) through a chromatic scale of immediate reading allowing to choose the most suitable sunscreen.

    An excellent way of promoting sunscreens, after sun creams, sunburn creams and to underline the importance of sun protection. These indicators are usually requested and used by cosmetic, pharmaceutical and baby care companies to promote their products: at the point of sale to interact with the customer, included in magazines, combined with the sale of the product, distributed during events and fairs …

    Some of our UV indicators:

    • Protection & UV control: detects, in a few seconds, the protective action of the sunscreen showing the customer the protective effect of the product.
    • Sun Alert: indicates the intensity of UV rays thanks to a sensitive area that changes color, allowing you to identify the most suitable sun protection.
    • Sun watch & Kids Sun Watch: practical indicator of the presence and intensity of UV rays in the shape of a watch for children and adults that informs when the rays become harmful by advising to apply the protective cream or to stop the exposure to avoid sunburn.
    • Sun wristband: a photochromic rubber bracelet that changes color when exposed to the sun: an innovative, magical and fun idea for our children

    IPS promotional products are fully customizable and can be made in various shapes such as: credit card, bracelets, watches for adults and children, bookmarks, labels, tattoos, etc.

    Here are some brands that have trusted us by making our UV indicators:

    Shiseido – Beiersdorf (Eucerin, Nivea) – L’Oreal (Garnier – La Roche-Posay) – Pfizer – Nestlé…

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