Detox approach to fight cellulite?

    Women are constantly asking themselves how to fight the skin blemish of cellulite. There are some small precautions that can help.

    It is important, for example, to dedicate one day a week to a detoxifying diet particularly rich in liquids (tea, herbal teas, fruit extracts) and vegetables. On this day, the meat will be replaced by fish, which is more digestible because it is less rich in connective tissue. During these 24 hours no fats, with the exception of olive oil and seed oils. A good sweat in the gym, perhaps accompanied by a sauna or a relaxing Turkish bath, will further stimulate the elimination of toxins.

    Water must become a faithful companion and, as such, must always be carried with you. Proper hydration is, in fact, one of the simplest and most effective solutions to fight against cellulite. It is therefore necessary to strive to consume at least two liters of water a day. Alcoholic drinks and fruit juices, or sparkling soft drinks bring other substances that contain calories (sugars, alcohol) or pharmacologically active (for example caffeine), therefore they should be used in moderation. Instead, the use of low-mineral or minimally mineralized waters is recommended.

    Probably at the beginning of the diet, especially if you are used to drink little, the increased water intake will stimulate diuresis. The problem can be prevented by drinking frequently and in small sips: in this way the body will learn to absorb more water.

    In addition to a healthy lifestyle, we can rely on specialized centers that intervene with targeted aesthetic treatments such as cryolipolysis or radiofrequency, two technologies that exploit the principle of cellular apoptosis in the opposite way (the first using the cold, the second the heat); in both cases it works without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues.

    The results are visible within 30-45 days and the side effects that can be found are, generally, a slight reddening of the treated area or a slight hypersensitivity of the skin.

    Since these are treatments that, after application, continue to “work” for a certain amount of time, it becomes essential to be able to check their effectiveness (also to demonstrate to patients that progress has been made): this is why contact thermography helps us, a system based on the use of microencapsulated liquid crystal plates, able to change color according to the temperature they come into contact with.

    By placing the plates on the body, thanks to the chromatic variation, it is possible to determine the stage of cellulite (absent, edematous, fibrous, sclerotic) and its distribution.

    The analysis of the stages of cellulite, using contact thermography, is a quick, totally painless examination and can be carried out several times to check the progress and effectiveness of the treatments carried out.

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