Defocused ultrasound to fight cellulite and localized adiposity

    Today we want to talk about a new ultrasound technology that promises excellent results in case of localized adiposity and cellulite: the defocused ultrasound.

    We had already talked in the previous articles about macro-focused and micro-focused ultrasound but now, thanks to medical-aesthetic research, the new defocused technology is available.

    These cross-beam ultrasounds are able to reach the subcutaneous tissue by acting directly on the adipose cells, allowing to protect the interstitial areas thanks to a precise selective action, thus restoring correct blood and lymphatic circulation, restoring the correct functioning of the cellular metabolism and promoting a detoxifying action with the elimination of excess toxins.

    Furthermore, defocused ultrasounds allow to obtain a lifting effect in all areas of the body that are treated.

    As it is not a surgical treatment, it eliminates all the risks associated with it and it is totally pain and scarring free, so we can almost consider it a “liposuction without scalpel” treatment.

    Before undergoing this type of treatment, we recommend that you always follow these two steps:

    • always ask your doctor or rely on an aesthetic doctor to be sure that the treatment is in agreement with your physical condition and does not present any contraindications;
    • always carry out a thermographic analysis of cellulite and localized adiposity to establish the real condition of the underlying tissues and understand the most suitable treatment and the number of sessions required.

    Contact thermography is an easy, quick and painless examination based on the use of microencapsulated liquid crystal plates which, once placed on the skin area to be analyzed, shows the condition of the tissues in high-resolution and color picture. allowing to classify cellulite in one of its four stages (absent, edematous, fibrous, sclerotic), and to distinguish soft from hardened adiposities.

    Thanks to contact thermography, the beauticians or the aesthetic doctors can have a clear and well-defined picture of the real condition of cellulite and localized adiposity as well as being able to keep track of all the improvements session after session. In addition, in the “Bodytherm” version, there is an assisted interpretation iOS application that helps the professional in identifying and classifying cellulite and localised adiposity..

    Contact thermography is suitable for anyone as it does not present any type of contraindication.

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