Cellulite: how to make it regress with the thermo-hydro-stimulation treatment.

    Is it possible to improve the condition of cellulite, even in complex cases such as the fibro-sclerotic one, without the use of invasive treatments?

    Apparently, the new hydro-thermo-stimulation technology (a latest generation treatment for body remodeling), in addition to improving the condition, would even be able to reverse cellulite.

    The treatment uses a patented technology entirely made in Italy by the TIRS company based in Strada Padana Verso Verona, 133 in Vicenza based on the synergistic use of natural elements such as water and air: its operation involves the phases of hot, cold and vertical massage. .

    Hot: by placing the handpiece on the areas of the body to be treated, an important circulatory reaction is obtained; the vasodilation generated leads to effects such as oxygenation and nourishment of congested tissues.

    Cold: immediately after applying the hot handpiece, a contrast thermal stimulus is performed using the cold handpiece which, placed on the skin, activates beneficial circulatory and nervous reactions, generating a vasoconstriction process with anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and toning effects.

    Vertical massage: each handpiece of the hydro-thermo-stimulation machine is internally equipped with a form of mechanical percussion massage capable of generating multidirectional waves that create a “stone in the pond” effect.

    Thanks to these three phases, it is possible to obtain a series of beneficial effects in a single session, such as:

    • drainage,
    • fat reduction,
    • muscle toning,
    • dermo-connective toning.


    To demonstrate the regression of cellulite, the thermo-hydro-stimulation treatment uses an innovative technology called contact thermography: a fast, painless and non-invasive scientific analysis that allows you to “photograph” the underlying microcirculation and defining, with certainty, the stages of fat and cellulite.

    The thermographic analysis is based on the use of high resolution liquid crystal plates, applied to the skin in the treated area (or to be treated) which, in a few seconds, allow to classify the stage of fat and cellulite.

    In addition, contact thermography allows to highlight their presence even when the imperfections are not visible to the naked eye or detectable on palpation.

    The examination is carried out at the beginning and at the end of the treatment cycle (approximately 10) in order to measure and demonstrate the actual regression of the much hated cellulite.

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