Cellulite: 3 innovative and effective treatments

    We talked a lot about it in our articles: cellulite is a real disease that affects more than 8 out of 10 women, causing circulation problems and a very annoying orange peel skin blemish.

    In recent years, scientific and cosmetic research has developed numerous treatments that can significantly improve the condition: this allows both to reduce the imperfection and to restore normal microcirculation in the affected areas.

    But let’s start from the beginning: every cellulite treatment must always be preceded by an accurate analysis that allows you to correctly identify the stage and then proceed in the way that best suits the actual condition.

    This analysis can be done by contact thermography: a special technology, entirely Made in Italy and protected by an international patent to protect its scientific validity, which allows to identify the stage of cellulite by classifying it in one of its four stages: absent, edematous, fibrous, sclerotic.

    For the examination, liquid crystal thermographic plates are used which, once placed on the area to be analyzed, allow to see the condition of the underlying tissues in a non-invasive way and totally free of any contraindication, conditions that also allow easy repeatability of the analysis after each treatment to keep track of the results achieved.

    Among the most innovative and effective techniques we can mention carboxytherapy, mesotherapy and vacuum.

    Carboxytherapy involves the injection of carbon dioxide at predetermined points: it is done through microneedles (not painful) that deliver gas in depth, targeting the area affected by cellulite in a targeted manner. The action of carbon dioxide allows it to act on both microcirculation and venous insufficiency, affecting the fat cells, promoting their dissolution.

    Mesotherapy, on the other hand, involves the subcutaneous injection of specific drugs and active ingredients in the dermis in order to eliminate toxins and water retention from the affected tissue. Each treatment is personalized with the choice of the drug, or active ingredient, most suitable for each condition.

    The vacuum uses a suction action on the area affected by the blemish: in this way it promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing swelling and heaviness caused by the stagnation of liquids.

    It is also possible to combine these treatments: for this reason, however, we recommend that you always rely on an aesthetic center, or aesthetic doctor, with qualified and trained personnel who can guide you towards the best possible result.

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